Médico Especialista en Reumatología
Nombre del Doctor Bautista Molano Wilson Armando, Md.
Ciudad Bogotá
Lugar de Trabajo y/o Nombre del Centro Medico: Centro Medico Vitale Consultorio #609
Dirección del consultorio ​ ​​Carrera 7 Bis No. 124-56 | Centro Medico Vitale Consultorio #609
Teléfonos de Contacto ​+57 601 7397010 Ext 2609
Correo Electrónico drbautista.reumatologo@gmail.com

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Perfil Profesional

University Professor of Medicine, Researcher and Consultant Rheumatologist. Skilled in Clinical Research, Autoimmune Diseases, Epidemiology, Immunology and Outcome Assessment of Musculoskeletal conditions. Strong business development professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Medicine (MD). Strong leadership focused to transdisciplinary teamwork with excellent interpersonal relationship management.

Decisive leader, advisor and keynote speaker with a proven ability to develop and manage research and educational projects in Biomedical Science. Currently, leading the Back Pain and Spondylarthritis Clinic at University Hospital Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá and chair of the Study Group of Axial Spondylarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis of PANLAR. My published Research and Teaching activities are focused on Musculoskeletal and Inflammatory Diseases with mechanisms of Autoimmunity.

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